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Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones have been favored for centuries both as jewelry as well as valued for their many physiological properties. In ancient times colored gemstones were thought to possess magical powers as well as contain the ability to pass on certain attributes to whoever wore the gems. A few of the properties associated with jewels include these facts:

Emeralds are associated with improving the eyes
Garnets and rubies are thought to stop the flow of blood

Colored gemstones are also thought to be associated with certain characteristics. For instances rubies are associated with nobility, command and vengeance when worn by a man. When worn by a woman rubies are often associated with price and haughtiness; however. Blue stones such as sapphires are associated with wisdom; however, they can also be connected with jealousy. Emeralds often signify joyousness as well as change.

Throughout history colored gems have been used as amulets and talismans because of the powers that have been associated with them. In addition, they have been used as therapeutic aids in many cultures.

Gemstones can be either natural or lab created. Natural gemstones are rarer and often more valuable than lab created or synthetic gemstones. Lab created gemstones can look much like natural gemstones; however, they are often much less expensive Lab created gemstones can be made from glass as well as other materials.

In purchasing gemstones it is important to understand that they can be classified according to size as well as weight. The usual unit for weighing gemstones is known as the carat.

In some cases it may be necessary for gemstones to receive enhancements or treatments in order to improve durability and/or appearance. Depending on the enhancement that has been received, the effects can wear off over time. It is also important to know that enhancements can affect the value of a gemstone. Untreated stones are usually more valuable than treated gemstones, even if the treatment affected the appearance.

When purchasing gemstones it is imperative to find out if the gemstone has been treated in any way and if so how. You should also find out whether the treatment is temporary or permanent. Other important questions to ask include whether the gemstone will require special care and if the treatment received affects the value of the stone.

Be aware that a treatment heat enhancements to change the color of a gem or improve the clarity of the stone.

An irradiation treatment may be performed to introduce more color to a colored gemstone.

Some gems may receive a colorless oil treatment to make an imperfection less visible. Waxes and resins can also improve the durability and appearance of a gemstone.

If there has been a crack or fracture in the stone it may be hidden or repaired by filling it in with colorless glass or plastic.

In other cases gemstones may be dyed in order to add color or provide color uniformity.

Gemstones may also be bleached in order to lighten or whiten the stone. Pearls and jades most often receive this treatment.

When purchasing colored gemstones it is important to consider your reasons for making the purchase. Today most people purchase gemstones for their beauty but there are some people who are interested in the symbolism and powers that have been associated with gemstones for hundreds of years. If you are more interested in purchasing colored gemstones for their beauty, a lab created or synthetic gemstone can be an ideal and affordable choice. On the other hand, if the idea of the powers and symbolism associated with these stones is of more interest, it is generally best to consider only natural gemstones.
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